Price List of Best Industrial Batteries in India For UPS, Golf Carts, Floor Cleaning Machines etc...

Battery Brand & Model Capacity Warranty Price Estimate Application
EXIDE POWERSAFE EP 12-12 12AH 12 MONTH 1550 UPS Battery
EXIDE POWERSAFE EP 18-12 18AH 12 MONTH 1700 UPS Battery
EXIDE POWERSAFE EP 26-12 26AH 24 MONTH 2000 UPS Battery
EXIDE POWERSAFE EP 42-12 42AH 24 MONTH 2650 UPS Battery
EXIDE POWERSAFE EP 65-12 65AH 24 MONTH 4050 UPS Battery
EXIDE POWERSAFE EP 75-12 75AH 24 MONTH 4750 UPS Battery
EXIDE POWERSAFE EP 100-12 100AH 24 MONTH 4650 UPS Battery
EXIDE POWERSAFE EP 120-12 120AH 24 MONTH 5650 UPS Battery
EXIDE POWERSAFE EP 150-12 150AH 24 MONTH 8600 UPS Battery
EXIDE POWERSAFE EP 200-12 200AH 24 MONTH 11500 UPS Battery
AMARON QUANTA 12V-18AH 18AH 12 MONTH 1450 UPS Battery
AMARON QUANTA 12V-26AH 26AH 24 MONTH 1950 UPS Battery
AMARON QUANTA 12V-42AH 42AH 24 MONTH 2650 UPS Battery
AMARON QUANTA 12V-65AH 65AH 24 MONTH 3850 UPS Battery
AMARON QUANTA 12V-100AH 100AH 24 MONTH 4850 UPS Battery
AMARON QUANTA 12V-120AH 120AH 24 MONTH 9300 UPS Battery
AMARON QUANTA 12V-150AH 150AH 24 MONTH 8900 UPS Battery
AMARON QUANTA 12V-200AH 200AH 24 MONTH 10500 UPS Battery
PowerClean 6V-240Ah 240 Ah 12 Months 9800 Golf Cart Battery
PowerClean 8V-180Ah 180 Ah 12 Months 9800 Golf Cart Battery
PowerClean 12V-210Ah 210 Ah 12 Months 9800 Golf Cart Battery
EXIDE 6C-225 225 Ah 12 Months 10500 Golf Cart Battery
EXIDE 8C-150 150 AH 12 Months 10500 Golf Cart Battery
EXIDE 8C-165 165 Ah 12 Months 12500 Golf Cart Battery
Trojan T-105 225 Ah 12 Months 12100 Golf Cart Battery

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